Buy trains

At every Epic Playtime we give children the chance to buy a train! Most of our trains are pre-owned , but all are in great condition and come with a 3 month warranty (return to base warranty, any postage costs are not included)

We can get you any train really, so if you are after a specific character or type of train please do get in touch with us


Phone: 07895775965


£11 trains – single character engine, no carriages. These trains are the new style trains that you can buy in the toy shops

£16 trains – Single character engine, no carriages.  These trains are the old style trains that you cant buy in the shops.  Your child is currently playing with these type at our Epic Playtime event

£20 trains- Bullet trains, with carriage and dummy car (3 pieces).  These trains are the old style trains that you cant buy in the shops.  These are faster trains and are models of real life Japanese style trains!

£** trains- these trains are custom priced and are often very rare.

How it works:

You can only buy these trains at our events, we do not post them or take money online.  At the hatch we will have a range of trains on display for you to choose


Q How do i pay?

A You can pay for your train with cash or card at our Epic Playtime event

Q Can i request a specific train?

A Yes!  Please get in touch with us about your requirements

Q What happens if my train is faulty?

A Hopefully this wont happen and we test all trains before they are sold.  If it does become faulty please do get in touch with us.  All trains come with 3 months guarantee (details below)

3 Month guarantee

  1. You must contact Track Party within the first 3 months if your train has become faulty.
  2. All faulty trains have to be returned to the Epic Playtime event to be replaced or refunded
  3.  Track Party do not accept any postal returns, nor will they refund a train before it is returned

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