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Basingstoke 1st

1 December


On December 1st, at Old Basing Village Hall we have an epic train track ready for your little ones to play on. To complete the #epicplaytime experience we also have great car tracks and hundreds of toy dinosaurs to play with!



Sponsors The Basingstoke Track Party

Whether you want to know what is on in the area, when and where regular classes take place, advice on pregnancy related topics or just want to connect with other mums and families in the North Hampshire area, NorthHantsMum is your first stop!

northhants mum

You can find out more about NorthHantsMum through their website and social medi

Web: northhantsmum.co.uk  Facebook: NorthHantsMum  Twitter: @NorthHantsMum

Event Details


December 1st, 10am till 5pm


Old Basing Village Hall, Old Basing, RG24

How Much

from £7 per play session, Adults free

(Adults and children under 16 are free when attending and not playing. Under 16’s not taking part must remain seated or in arms, or they will need a ticket)


Cant make the 1st?  We have a Track Party nearby on  December 15th

Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about? We have 6 hourly play sessions available for you to pre-book, each play session has limited numbers, so have a look below and see which one fits in with your day!  Alternatively, you could hire a whole session just for you and your friends!  A perfect way to celebrate a child’s party or a special treat for a group of kids!  You can find out more about session hire by clicking HERE.
We encourage the use of photography by parents at our events. If you do not want your child to be in an environment where photography is taking place please contact Track Party before you make your purchase

Track Party Train Shop

Here is your perfect chance to get that special train and collect it. Have a look below at our ever growing list of trains and see which one you would like!  It is important to note that all the trains are pre-owned and in great condition, some are very hard to get hold of aswell!

Please note that their are two types of trains we sell, old style and new style.

Old style trains are now discontinued but work well on the blue track and Brio tracks

New style trains are are the ones being sold in major toy shops right now.  They work best on the new track and are not great on the blue track or Brio track


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1 December

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