Here is a list of common questions! The most common question is not really a question, but a big misconception!

Q My child will just break up the track!

A Well in 7 years we have never had a child be destructive with our tracks. Give your child a chance, supervise them if you think its needed, but i think they will surprise you!

Q Do i have to bring my own trains?

A Well, no! We provide all the trains and they come complete with batteries, but you can bring your on trains if you want!

Q Is there a minimum or maximum age?

A No. However, we do recommend that children are aged 1 year up to get the best out of Epic Playtime. It helps if they can walk!!

Q Can my child play on their own?

A Yes! This is often the best way and we have seating for all adults, although if an adult wants to play they can. Children under 3 years will need to be supervised while they play though

Q Can i leave my child there?

A Err, no! This is not a creche, every child needs a adult who is responsible for them to stay (normally the ticket holder)

Q Can we buy drinks and snacks at Epic Playtime?

A Yes! We have a coffee shop selling hot drinks and a small range of snacks. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink

Q Do you accept cards?

A Yes! You can also pay with Paypal and cash on the day

Q Who needs a ticket?

A Only children need a ticket, ADULTS ARE FREE

Q Do you offer discounts?

A Yes! If you have a MyVip Card you get 10% off the ticket price, but we do not offer any sibling or bulk discounts

Q Do i have to buy a ticket for a child that does not want to play?

A No. Any children that attend and dont want to play must however, remain seated or in arms. If this is not possible, then they will need a ticket.

Q Can you take photos at Epic Playtime?

A Yes! You agree to this when you purchase a ticket online

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