Premium Trains

At every Epic Playtime we give children the chance to play with extremely rare trains! 

We have amassed a great collection of Disney trains, Marvel trains, bullet trains and character trains, all to play with with their carriages to boot!

 You can only buy a ticket in the week before the event start date and you MUST HAVE a ticket to play before purchasing your access.


£5 per hour (play session), tickets available on the website 1 week before the event start date

How it works: 

At the hatch give you name over, you will be checked off our list and your child will be given a wrist band.

Your child can choose one premium train at a time to play with and then they return it to choose another one

Each Epic Playtime will have a different theme of premium trains and we currently have 3 recurring themes;

  1. Bullet Trains– based on real European and Japanese trains
  2. Marvel/Disney trains– Minnion trains to Iron Man to Winnie the Pooh!
  3. Character Trains– Some really rare character trains from Thomas, Chuggington and more

All the trains come complete with their own carriages, which offers the child a great and unique playing experience!




Q Do i need to buy Premium Trains?

A No.  Your ticket price includes access to our normal trains, the premium trains offer the children a chance to play with faster and/or rarer trains

Q Can my child play with premium trains and the normal trains?

A Yes!  Access to the normal trains is unrestricted and the children can play with as many as they like at once (however, we do encourage sharing 😂

Q Can i buy a Premium train ticket on the day?

A Yes!  As long as we have tickets left, access is restricted to ensure there is enough to go round. We have 10 spaces per play session


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