Premium Trains

At every Epic Playtime we give children the chance to play with extremely rare trains! 

We have amassed a great collection of Disney trains, Marvel trains, bullet trains and even Minion trains, all to play with.  If you want a specific train then please let us know.

CLICK HERE TO GET ACCESS TO OUR PREMIUM TRAINS ~ then choose which event you are attending


£5 per hour (play session), tickets available on the website

How it works: 

At the hatch give you name over and you will be checked off our list.  Your child can choose one rent-a-train at a time to play with and then they return it to choose another one


Q Do i need to buy Premium Trains?

A No.  Your ticket price includes access to our normal trains, the rent-a-trains offer the children a chance to play with faster and/or rarer trains

Q Can my child play with rent-a-trains and the normal trains?

A Yes!  Access to the normal trains is unrestricted and the children can play with as many as they like at once (however, we do encourage sharing 😂

Q Can i buy a Premium train ticket on the day?

A Yes!  As long as we have tickets left, access is restricted to ensure there is enough to go round. We have 10 spaces per play session


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