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We are back and looking forward to building you an unbelievably epic train track!  Secure your playtime,click below!


!!Epic Playtime is our unique monthly event that lets YOUR child play on probably the world’s biggest train track and with cars and dinosaurs!!

Imagine a world of complete immersive play, a world where the phrase, ‘dont touch that’ doesn’t exist 😂.  Well you’ve found it, its called Epic Playtime!

What is Epic Playtime?

Epic Playtime is the name of our monthly event in Hampshire. We build an epic sized train track with cars and dinosaurs for your little ones to play on!  It’s a complete immersive play experience. 

Epic Playtime lasts for one day (at the moment) and we split the day up into 6 hour long sessions we call play sessions.  Each play session has a limited number of spaces for children, so it is always best to secure a space by booking your ticket online before the event start date.  The rest is easy, just turn up and enjoy, oh, and the best bit is that adults go free 😍

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Who can play at Epic Playtime?

Epic Playtime is an amazing age and ability inclusive indoor activity. In one room we can have a 2 year old girl playing next to a 12 year old autistic boy. We don’t want any child to be excluded from playing because of there ability.

We recommend that children under 3 are supervised while playing and any child that wants to play with the toys will need a ticket.

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